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Curious Facts

Building Mangabeiras: challenge with environment respect.

Building in a place like Boipeba is a real challenge. And being on a hillside magnifies these difficulties. All basic material, such as bricks, iron, and mortar were brought in from the city of Valenca to the people in Torrinhas, where the trucks were unloaded. From there began the real challenge: to get these materials to the site in time to build.
This due to the fact that everything had to be brought in by boat! From Torrinhas, the material came one hour by the Inferno river, finally unloading here. Such loads were heavily dependent upon the tide and weather.
Too much wind, for example, would cancel any deliveries. As we have no docks, the unloading occurred on the sand, being brought to the property on the shoulders of the work force, who were in charge of this important task.

The Pousada Mangabeiras was one of the first commercial establishments in the archipelago to have an environmental license, issued by the Center for Natural Resources (CRA) of the state of Bahia, as well as IBAMA.

Nowadays all Mangabeiras' operation is oriented on minimal natural impact. We follow the strict Ethics and Environmental Code of Conduct from Roteiros de Charme Hotel Association. This code won many international awards, even from UNEP, for its concept of efficiency and sustentability.